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Celebrate Canada’s Cocktail on May 16th!

National Caesar Day fittingly falls each year on the Thursday before the May 2-4 long weekend – Canada’s unofficial kick-off to Summer 돌비 오디오 코덱.

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Canada's 4th Annual National Caesar Day

It's believed that the first Caesar was created by Walter Chell at the Calgary Inn

The difference between
a bloody Mary and a Caesar is
that a bloody Mary is made with tomato juice

Caesars are made every year!

The Caesar is virtually unknown outside of Canada

In 2010, the Caesar is
officially named Canada’s National
Cocktail by Parliament

Annually, the Thursday before the May 2-4 long-weekend is National Caesar Day!


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Caesar 101 Videos

Canadian bartenders show you how to mix their personalized signature Caesar recipes.

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Follow the 1-2-3-4-5 rule for creating the Classic Caesar

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1.5 oz. Iceberg Vodka
2 Dashes of Hot Sauce
3 Dashes of Salt and Pepper
4 Drops of Worcestershire sauce
5 oz 돌비 오디오 코덱. Mott’s Clamato Cocktail

Moisten rim of glass with lime wedge and dip into celery salt. Add ice and all ingredients to a glass, stir and garnish with a celery stick Download three.

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We asked Canadian bartenders,

“What is your variation of Canada’s Cocktail?”

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Try a Recipe!

Try a Classic Caesar or a twist on Canada’s Cocktail

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Canada’s best bartenders show you step-by-step how it’s done.

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