Some of Canada’s best bartenders show you how to mix their personalized signature Caesar recipes.

Rob Renda

The Miller Tavern on Bay, Toronto, ON

Shane Beehan

Lot Six Bar & Restaurant, Halifax, NS

Kate Boushel

Chez Dallaire, Montreal, QC

Cory Gaudette

Briggs Kitchen and Bar, Calgary, AB

Rob Renda from the Miller Tavern in Toronto, ON shows you his Caesar, Toronto style!

Shane Beehan from Lot Six in Halifax Nova Scotia puts a Maritime twist on the Classic Caesar.

Although the exact origins of the Caesar are debated, the most popular theory remains that Calgarian barman Walter Chell developed the first recipe.  Given Chell’s Italian background, it is believed the Caesar was inspired by the flavours of Spaghetti alle Vongole, a traditional clam pasta.

Cory Gaudette from Briggs Kitchen and Bar in Calgary, the birth place of the Caesar, shows how Albertans like their Caesars

Kate Boushel in Montreal puts a French twist on the Classic Caesar using local Quebec ingredients and flavours.